Mirror Supports

Mirror Support
Mirror support

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choose Moheco mirror brackets.

Our high quality mirror supports are 18 gauge automotive grade galvanized steel for increased strength and long-term corrosion protection. Likewise, the brackets that accompany Moheco’s mirror supports are made from 14 gauge automotive grade galvanized steel. A powder coated finish for our mirror supports may be ordered, if required.

Moheco’s mirror supports give you the peace-of-mind that a critical piece of hardware you’re using will be the same quality as your finished product.

Mirror Support diagram
Mirror support diagram
Mounting Instructions for the Mirror Support

Each mirror support should be attached at four (4) points: A, B, C, D

  • Point A. Top of rod and top of mirror frame.
    Attach mirror support to mirror with wood screw
    through hole at top of rod.
  • Point B. Bottom of mirror frame. If three (3) mirror
    brackets are furnished, attach a bracket here; if not,
    attach mirror support with wood screws through slot.
  • Point C. Top Plate of dresser. If brackets are
    furnished, attach bracket here; if not, attach support
    here with wood screw through slot.
  • Point D. Drawer support frame. Locate and mark
    location of drawer support frame. If brackets are
    furnished, locate last bracket here. If not,
    attach support here with wood screw.
  • Adjust mirror height to suit, then tighten all brackets and screws.