Roll Forming Vs. Metal Stamping

Q: I am considering using metal stamping for component parts.  How do I determine  if another method, such as roll forming, could deliver better results?

A. Certain shapes are more suitable to metal stampings than roll forming. The differences are listed below:

  • Most often, parts can be manufactured using either method. A more important consideration is the type of part. A long straight part is more suited for roll forming.
  • The set-up cost for roll forming is usually less than metal stampings.  If various part lengths are needed, the difference is great, metal stampings would require multiple set-ups.  Roll forming various lengths is accomplished with a simple adjustment.
  • Tool maintenance is less for a roll formed section than for metal stampings, only one set of tooling is required for parts of various lengths.
  • Roll forming and most metal stampings can be produced using pre-plated or coated material.

Please view press brake and extruded aluminum for additional samples.

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