About Us


Moheco Products is lean in our operations, highly responsive to customer needs, and diversified in both our capabilities and the industries we serve.  We specialize in finding ways that roll forming can improve the design, weight, lead time and cost of components that are currently stamped or made on a brake press.  Often, roll forming can reduce assembly costs or combine production steps.

Moheco high-speed roll forming is exceptionally well suited for medium to long-run programs, from prototyping through production runs.

Whether it’s:

our expert roll forming will produce the shape you need — quickly and accurately.

Moheco has a history of service to automotive and off-highway manufacturers. We have a longstanding business in the manufacture of mirror supports and mirror brackets for furniture stores and bed frame manufacturers.  Our expertise with pre-coated and pre-finished metal has helped us build a nationwide reputation as a quality manufacturer of decorative products. Moheco’s products are available through leading wholesalers and roofing products distributors nationwide.

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