Roll Formed Shapes FAQ

Roll Formed shapes
Roll Formed shapes
Q. Are there advantages to roll formed shapes when compared to other methods of manufacturing?

A. Roll formed shapes are formed through a precise, progressive bending and shaping operation that streamlines and simplifies the production process. It reduces turn-around times and is compatible with close tolerance requirements. Roll formed shapes also provide a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning thinner wall materials can often be specified, reducing material costs. In addition, roll formed shapes maintain closer tolerances than stamping or press brake forming.

Q. What does Moheco bring to the table as a producer of roll formed shapes?

A. Moheco has a wide base of experience manufacturing roll formed shapes for the automotive, construction, furniture and appliance industries, specializing in uniform shapes. Moheco’s lead times are normally shorter than other producers. Our commitment is to provide a cost-effective alternative to extrusion, brake forming and other manufacturing methods, regardless of short runs or production quantities.

Q. What shapes are available?

A. Shapes vary from simple to complex angles: I-Beams, T-sections, W-channels, U-channels, hat sections, C-channels, box channels, H-channels, tubing and more. Shape samples are in the drawings at the top of this page.

Q. What materials can be used?

A. Roll formed shapes are manufactured from low and medium carbon steels, galvanized steel, several stainless steel grades, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass and pre-plated metals.

Q. How about prototype parts?

A. Yes, we frequently prototype roll formed shapes.

Q. What other manufacturing services do you provide?

A. We offer precision hole punching, slotting, notching, assembly and packaging.

Q. How does roll forming compare with press brake forming?

A. Click here for a comparison.

Q. How does roll forming compare to metal stamping?

A. Click here for a comparison.

Q. How does roll forming compare to extruded aluminum?

A. Click here for a comparison.