Pre-coated Roll Forming

Pre-coating or pre-finishing puts the color or finish on product material before it is formed. This minimizes handling, processing and cost. Using pre-finished materials enables us to produce finished metal products in a single continuous operation.  Examples of pre-coated roll forming are shown on our security lock components, flashing kits and our mirror supports.

Roll forming machines operate with specially engineered tooling for pre-plated, pre-painted, pre-coated, electro-coated, anodized and pre-polished metals. Roll forming is most commonly used with pre-painted and pre-coated aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, cold rolled steel, hot-dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel.  Moheco’s pre-coated roll forming capability is .010″ to .080″ forming coil widths up to 12″ wide. PVC coatings are available to protect parts from scratches incurred through handling, packaging and storage.

Secondary operations add value to roll forming projects, while saving customers time and  transportation expense.  Post-forming operations include:

Punching Bending Slotting
Notching Mitering Cut-to-length
Spot-welding Perforating Embossing
Hole-punching Cutouts Tabs

Moheco’s experience working with customers to create roll forming programs that save time and dollars while producing a superior product. Whether your requirements are traditional metal roll forming or pre-coated roll forming, Moheco has the ability to be your roll forming resource!