Fixed Ladder-Dok Instructions

fixed diagram


Step 1:

Place Ladder support along gutter at desired location. Use a pencil to trace inside diameter of both screw holes. Set the support out of the way and drill or punch both holes making sure screws will pass through freely.

Step 2:

Place both ferrules into position with the holes at one end and the back of the gutter at the other end. If you have a 4 inch gutter, you will need to trim 1 inch off each ferrule. Make cuts as square as possible.

Step 3:

Realign support to holes in the gutter and insert screws. The screws are self threading, so it is recommended that you use a drill and a #3 Phillips bit. Install screw firmly without overtightening. Repeat, using the other screw. If you do no have a drill, firmly tap the screw until the threads bite into the wood. You can then tighten the screw with a #3 Phillips screw driver.

Step 4:

Install the vinyl caps over the ladder stops.


The Ladder-Dok system in not a safety device and is not intended to secure a ladder or prevent slippage or falls.

Follow all ladder manufacturers directions and cautions regarding ladder set-up and use at all times.

Avoid installing the support at or near electrical lines, as metal conducts electricty



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